Our day to day bathroom routine generates loads of waste! Here’s eight easy bathroom swaps you can make in order to cut back on plastic!

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Posted by Samantha

Hello! I’m Sam, the creator of My Ethical Edit.
Welcome to my little space on the internet where I focus on all things ethical. I am 25 years old originally from Montreal, Canada. In December 2017 I decided to make the once in a lifetime opportunity to move across the world and live in Munich. I got rid of, sold and donated lots of belongings packing only what I really needed in only two suitcases. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to start a minimalist lifestyle. Alongside minimalism, I’ve also become passionate about sustainable & second hand fashion, cruelty free beauty, veganism and low impact living. I love to share all my passions on My Ethical Edit. I’m not perfect and do make mistakes sometimes but I try hard!
What I can offer YOU. I can offer you my tips and tricks to lead a more ethical lifestyle whether it’s in the kitchen or life in general. I will also share with you my honest opinion of products and share brands that I support!

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