A simple step to keep your salon diary full – Tracy Beauty Chick

Can your business survive these tough times by not asking every client who is in your salon if they would like to re-book?

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Posted by Tracy

Hi there,

My name is Tracy Bousfield, a professional aesthetician and journalist who lives in Bath, Somerset.

I started blogging back in 2015.  My aim is to share my professional knowledge about beauty with everyone.

I constantly look for things to keep my best friend ‘Brain’ happy.  I’m a lover of photography, music, playing saxophone, walking the dog, travelling, charity work, reading and cooking to name a few things.

I have been in the beauty industry for 27 years and I am a big believer in cosmetics and the science that goes into them.  I absolutely enjoy my profession and have enjoyed being part of this industry’s enormous growth over the years.

All words are my own opinion.  I am not paid for anything I write about nor am I affiliated to any company.  If I write about it that is because I like it and feel it is of interest to you.  If I go on about it chances are I love it and keep buying it.

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