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  • Vanilla Cupcakes

      Classic vanilla cupcakes for any holiday or occasion topped with a creamy buttercream frosting. Cupcakes are much easier and less time consuming than mak

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  • Dessert places in London: where to treat the kids?

    Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself, and nowadays there are so many fun dessert options. With posh cafes and gelato parlours, donut and chocolate shops, quirky coffee shops and activity based food outlets appearing on high streets in cities and even little seaside towns, people like to treat themselves. And why not. If you’ve saved for a day out, add a little extra on and have a fancy sweet treat separate to your main course so you can have a quirky food experience.

    Here’s some of the best quirky sweet treat and dessert places to eat from in London

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  • Honey Sriracha Meatballs

    This easy Meal Prep Honey Sriracha Meatballs Recipe is so flavorful and easy to make. They have a sweet but tangy flavor to them and they make a perfect meal for lunch or dinner. These Meatballs are so moist and very delicious.

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  • Seafood Paella Recipe

    Easy saffron infusion seafood paella recipe with beans and shrimp! There is no need for a special paella pan, a solid solid like cast iron will work well. Be sure to consult for the best results. See the video above and the step-by-step guide.

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  • Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken

    This recipe for Vietnamese lemon chicken is made with the best citrus lemon marinades, and it can be grated, baked or sautéed.

    We have been eating the main foods of Vietnam recently and tried to master some of our favorite dishes at home (especially because it is difficult to find good Vietnamese food here in Barcelona). And I have to say that our recent attempt may be better than the restaurant version that inspired it – Lemongrass Chicken! Or, if you are not chicken, this marinade can be easily used to make lemongrass beef, pork, shrimp, scallops, fish, grilled vegetables, etc.

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  • How to Food Shop Cheaply & Get Away With It

    Ever been embarrassed opening your food cupboards in front of people because they’re full of supermarkets own brand or value food? Shop smart and mask your groceries and you can save up to £20 per week.

    Here’s how to camouflage your non branded food shop… It’s bad enough when you’re walking around the supermarket with a trolley full of own brand goods and someone you know spots you, but opening the cupboards in front of family and friends can be soul destroying.

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  • Vegan Tofu Tikka Masala – Masala Vegan

    Vegan Tofu Tikka Masala Tikka Masala is the most commonly ordered gravy at most Indian restaurants. This quick tikka masala  gravy comes together under half an hour, while the tofu pieces bake beautifully in my air fryer. The extra gravy can be frozen to thaw and reuse on a busy week night, when the spice …

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  • Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches. One of my all time favorite treats is ice cream. If you ask me there is nothing better on a hot day than a bowl of creamy, refreshing and most of all delicious ice cream. We just visited my husband’s family in State College, Pennsylvania last month. And while …

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  • 15 Easy Ways to Lower Your Food Shop Budget

    Looking to Reduce your Food Shop Spending? Here’s 15 easy ways you can lower your food bill and stop spending so much money on your groceries to tighten up your food budget. Food prices are now at their highest rate of inflation in years, and finding ways to cut costs whilst not compromising on food quality and quantity are a very important part of household budgeting for most families.

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