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  • 101 Ways To Save Money Fast

    Whether you’re saving up for a big spend item, reaching a money-saving goal or paying off debt, cutting down on your every day costs is the best way to do more with the money you have. Saving money doesn’t mean depriving yourself of anything, it’s about shopping savvy, cutting costs reasonably and making easy changes.  So if you’re feeling the pinch, making a few easy changes to your spending can save you hundreds of £££s a year! 

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    Upcycling Our Welsh Kitchen Dresser – Mama Home Life

    Months ago, hubby and I were discussing our living room and kitchen situation. Our kitchen isn’t tiny, but we have nowhere to really call a dining room or to have a dining table laid out permanently.We then got on to talking about the awkward blank wall space in our living room. As the window sills … Continue reading Upcycling Our Welsh Kitchen Dresser

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  • Shy There

    A friend of mine was having this dilemma of whether he should stay in his place of work, or move on to another career path. He had his share of reasons to stay and leave, with the leave option havi…

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  • How to Overcome Social Anxiety

    Do you hate interacting with people or are you afraid of being near a crowd? Here’s what you call “social anxiety” or “social phobia” or “social fear”.

    To answer your question “what is Social Anxiety”?

    Based on Social Anxiety Institute: “Social anxiety is the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people, leading to feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, self-consciousness, embarrassment, humiliation, and depression.”

    To learn more about how to overcome your fear of people interaction, here’s how you can overcome it.

    Important Note: If you have severe social anxiety, then this advice is not for you except for the therapy one. Plus, I am not an expert and these are all beyond what helped me get through social anxiety.

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