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  • Back to Nursery/Preschool Essentials – Mama Home Life

    As the summer holidays are nearing an end and we’ve had so much fun doing activities from our “Toddler Summer Bucket List“, I am starting to get everything ready for Amelia to go back to nursery. With Amelia going back, and Lilly starting soon, compiling a list of “back to nursery/preschool essentials” well, is pretty … Continue reading Back to Nursery/Preschool Essentials

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  • Top Tips For Taking Care Of Yourself As A New Parent | Digital Motherhood

    I’ve been a parent for 8 years now, and I have to admit those early newborn days seem very far away! I’m still by no means a parenting expert, but having been there and done that I do find that it’s easier to look back with hindsight and offer some tips to new parents on how to take care of yourself. It’s common as a new parent to be solely focused on your little one and forget about yourself. That’s absolutely fine, and it’s great that your children mean so much to you. After all, you want to make sure they’re healthy, living their best lives and are experiencing as much as possible. However, it’s just as important to look after yourself. So, it may be time to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself first for once! The key to feeling healthy, happy and looking great, all while juggling family life, is by making sure you have a balanced lifestyle and practice a bit of self-care. If you’re a little lost at where to get started with this, here are some easy ways you can start feeding your mind, body and soul… Eat Well It’s no secret …

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  • When he died.

    Telling my young kids their father had died was probably the worst thing I have ever had to do. It’s not something you can really prepare yourself for.

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  • Chocolate Cornflake Cake Recipe – Mama Home Life

    Baking with children can sound more of a good idea than how the reality is sometimes. Making chocolate cornflake cake is super quick, easy and pretty mess-free too – bonus, right?! Chocolate cornflake cake gives most of us that nostalgia back to when we were children. It’s lovely to recreate those parent/child moments with our … Continue reading Chocolate Cornflake Cake Recipe

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  • All Things Wild – Mama Home Life

    Usually, we’d go to the zoo or a farm for a fun day out with the girls. This year, as we went away for the weekend – we took a trip to All Things Wild. All Things Wild is a nature center located in Evesham, Worcestershire – you can visit their website here. All Things … Continue reading All Things Wild

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  • The power of building a positive self-esteem in your child's early life – Bukola Orry

    Self-esteem is important because it involves self-satisfaction. It’s a complete awareness of one’s value and trust in one’s ability to perform a certain duty.
    One of the most common factors that make people structure a negative idea of themselves are formed in early childhood because a child is easily moulded and manipulated. Encourage them young!

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