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    How to Build a Rolling Calendar within Trello

    The most common calendar setup used widely in Trello is an editorial calendar. At least, that’s what I come across most, when I browse through Pinterest.And I understand why an editorial calendar makes a lot of sense for bloggers. It’s a planning instrument for them. Tracking the status of article and blog post production helps a lot of us to remain sane.

    I have come across way too many “Editorial Calendar Posts” by now that didn’t impress me very much. Mostly, because they were all manual creations. Since I am pretty much into workflows and how to create Trello boards that do intelligent tasks on their own, I’d love to see this also for Trello boards. (Update: I have now created a post exclusively on automated editorial calendars!)

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  • Useful Free Header Bidding Chrome Extensions |

    Are you interested in how header bidding works and how it is set up on different websites? Check out my latest article where we test useful Header Bidding extensions that I use myself. The tools will be useful for anyone who owns a website/blog and can be used to make decisions about how to set up their advertising inventory. 

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  • 15 Marketing Tricks For An eBook Marketer | Affiliate Marketing Your Way to Success

    Affiliate Marketing Email* 15 Marketing Tricks For An eBook Marketer Doesn’t matter if you’ve already gotten your first eBook rolling or not, these 15 marketing tricks will help you to get more out of your digital product: Trick #1: Utilize One Main Domain Name For Each Product. — Why is this important? Let’s just say you …

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  • Top and Best Banner Ad Sizes for Mobile Devices

    Figuring out the best mobile ad sizes can be tricky and a lot depends on the layout of the website/blog or an app and the positioning of specific banners. While it might make sense to use banners that are short in height while keeping the users happy often just a few pixels can make a massive difference in eCPM (revenue per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click).

    In this article we will look at different ad sizes and how you can really squeeze as much revenue out of them as possible with very little modification needed…

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  • Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog

    There are plenty of google Adsense alternatives out there but it might be frustrating to choose the right one that you trust and know that the results are transparent without any hidden fees or commissions. In this post we will be talking about the most used and top 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website/Blog that anyone can test and see for themselves…

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  • How To Start Coding Websites From Scratch, A Brief Overview | Affiliate Marketing Your Way to Succes

    Affiliate Marketing Email* Are you impressed with the beautiful websites you visit daily? Or did you finally made the decision of learning how to make a website? Maybe you are just curious about how websites work? Let me tell you something, you are at the right spot. Today i will cover the basics of […]

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