Disabled Airbag May Go Off – Debunking Myths #1 – A Rear Facing Family

A Disabled Airbag May Go Off It is perhaps the most common myth regarding front seat car seat safety. And it’s simply not true. It simply does not happen when you are able to disable the airbag in your vehicle either by a key or a button! NB! Always check your vehicle manual’s instructions…

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Posted by Therese

I'm a mother of 3 and an Extended Rear Facing Car Seat Expert Advisor. Phew...long title!

I decided to take my passion for car seats and children's safety to the blog world in 2012, and since then 'A Rear Facing Family' has been a part of the blog world and social media.

I run an in-car safety blog, but I am also a part of some Facebook groups where you can get help regarding car seat safety. :)

I work as a freelance writer, product reviewer and more. I also freelance at events as a guest speaker where I specialize​ in-car child safety and car seats – especially the importance of extended rear facing car seats as the subject. :) 

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