How DO parents return to work? – Corporate to Kids

There are over 400,000 individuals in the UK who want work, but cannot due to family commitments. Which begs the question: how do parents return to work?

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Posted by Corporate to Kids

My blog is about my transition from Corporate to Kids; swapping my life as a career woman in the city, to my new job – of mum and freelance writer.

After years of working in stressful London jobs in Legal, Insurance and Financial Services, I have given up my life in the city for the home counties (spot the cliché).

While the job description is woolly, the hours longer, I’m always on call and the causes of stress are different. I flit between loving my new life and desperately missing the old one. But… the cuddles are amazing, I have a fabulous group of other mums who keep me (generally) sane and the amount of coffee I now consume is insane, albeit tepid and required for sanity/survival/clarity, depending on the day (the same applies to alcohol). Please tell me you know what I mean?!

So, forgive me if reminisce sometimes, but I frequently remember the positive aspects of corporate life rather than the reality of desperately wanting to escape all the rules, rigidity and red tape.

My blog is free-flowing; a mix of stories, anecdotes, lessons learned and cries for help…in no particular order. I want to provide a forum where parents can support each other because let’s face it having children is a MASSIVE change and when I’m winging it (a lot) it would be fab to know that others are too.

Honesty and real life are the essences of the blog.

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