Multiple Sclerosis in words – Accessible Rach

You will see I have done the above as it spells out multiple sclerosis but the largest and most important enabler for all of the above is fatigue, it really is the most debilitating part of this illness because of the knock on effect it has and because no matter how much rest I get I still wake up feeling unrefreshed.

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Posted by Rachael

In August 2018, I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I  turned to writing as an outlet and  my blog, Accessible Rach, was born.

I write insightful articles that highlight accessibility at events, mainly Rugby League events at present. I travels to different grounds to complete accessibility assessments, noting their good features and what can be improved.

I am also a prominent figure on Instagram, sharing beauty hauls and beautiful selfies showcasing different makeup looks. I make sure that I and others aren't seen as just someone in a wheelchair. 

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