Planning is something I’ve always done in my life. I was one of these calm, organized girls who had an overview of everything, even the doctors appointments of my parents! Maybe it’s because my family is very chaotic or just because it’s much easier to live with a plan than without – it’s something I love to do! That I would make a blog post about it was just a matter of time : D

Over the years I’ve developed a planning routine which perfectly fits into my daily life – the three months plan or just TMP. It means that you just focus on the next three months. You don’t set goals for a full year, just for the next seasons which makes the whole thing much easier to handle. Oh, and it’s way more clear and motivational because the short period gives you the „pressure“ you wouldn’t have if your deadline would be 12 months away.

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Posted by Soellner

My personal space for all of my thoughts and experiences! Between books reviews, movie recommendations and organization hacks you can also find articles about mental health, my stutter, and my eating disorder. It's a way for me to deal with these things, and maybe I can help others and create awareness of these things as well. 

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