To The Man Who Hurt Me

To the man who hurt me, I thought you broke me. For so long, I gave you the power to break my heart daily; I almost changed the essence of who I am as a whole to be “good enough” for you. I need to…

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Posted by Jasmine. Bumgarner

Hi friends! I’m Jasmine.
I am on a journey of trusting God to guide me as I build a life filled with joy, laughter and passion.
She Cultivates Joy was created to be a space where I can share authentic messages of things that are on my heart - My passions, a beautiful moment from my day, a struggle I’m currently facing or have faced in the past, fun memories, a quote I find inspiring, and other things I find meaningful.
I want to share my story with others - my past, my present, and my dreams for the future.
The intention is for this to become a community where people can relate with each other and feel comfortable sharing their own stories.

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