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Are you looking for an outlet to express your thoughts and ideas? Look no further! Blogpostvoteup is your go-to platform for sharing your ideas about varying topics such as finance, sports, technology, the kitchen, and many more.

There’s no better place to showcase what you know. But only well-researched, original content that is engaging to readers will be approved; anything plagiarized or not reader-friendly will not make the cut.

Additionally, we have updated our submission requirements for our Blogpostvoteup “write for us” page in order to stop such attempts and save both your and our time.

We are only committed to providing our users with the best experience possible and that starts with thought-provoking content that engages our readers and provides them with valuable information. If this sounds like something you can provide then step up and join our platform yourself–share your thoughts with the world!

Note: Send us your guest post or pitch us at after reading our submission criteria and prerequisites carefully!

By Writing for Blogpostvoteup You Get to:

  • A dofollow link to your blog, website, or social media accounts.
  • Connect with our global audience and have your voice heard.
  • Be a part of our community.

Topics you can pick to write the blog post about:

  • Finance
  • Gardening
  • Home Decor
  • Marketing
  • Health
  • Life
  • Sports
  • Kitchen
  • Technology
  • Pet
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • SEO

Content Submission Guidelines:

  • Your content must be well-written, original, and plagiarism free.

  • Minimum article length: 1000+ words.

  • Make your content well-organized, in short paragraphs (2-4 lines) – to make it reader friendly.

  • Use relevant headings and subheadings.

  • Once your content is published on our site, it becomes Blogpostvoteups’s property. Therefore, we don’t approve any content removal request afterwards.

  • At Least 1 image should be provided on your with your content.

  • At Least 3 external links from authoritative sites must be included. (one dofollow link to your own site can be inserted).

  • While inserting an image with your content, you must include the actual source of the image.

  • We do not accept promotional or commercial articles. If any external links to sales pages are provided, they will be removed from the article.

Other Guidelines

  • Make all the heading in “Title Case” format.

  • Specify your main keyword and inform us of it for SEO purposes.

  • Have a good and catchy introduction and nice conclusion on your article.

  • Make use of bullet, numerical points, and tables to make your content more specific, concise and presentable.

  • Keep a certain amount of space between headings or two paragraphs.

How to Submit a Guest Post

Ready to write an article? Great! Pitch us at with the following information:

Mention your name and provide minimum 3 topic ideas according to our required topics.

A link to your website for our review

Follow our subject code in your email subject

Share a short biography about yourself at the end of the article known as Author Bio.

If all guidelines are met, we’ll get back to you within 3 business days of receiving your mail.

In your subject, please mention any of the following search phrase you used to find us:

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Finance “write for us”

Marketing “write for us”

Gardening “write for us”

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